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Recently there have been a number of terrorist attacks in various places in the United States. Here is an interesting article that makes the point that we are, in reality, engaged in a war on terror and we are all potentially involved, whether we think so or not. They certainly think so. 

Instead of a trench line in a field, a firebase in the desert, or a foxhole in the jungle, the attacks come at the mall, on a city street, an office party, or a crowded festival. … you are an enemy combatant.

Is that the way you see yourself?

~ The Gun Writer
This is war! And like it or not, you’re a combatant.

Read the article (click on the red link above) and then think about signing up for our Active Shooter/Terrorist Response class being held on October 29.

The World Has Become a Dangerous Place

The nightclub shooting in Orlando a couple of weeks ago should be a wake-up call for everyone. For anyone watching what is going on in the world, this should be no surprise. And I think it will happen again. And again.

While the probability of you being involved in a terrorist attack like that is really pretty small, there is always the possibility that you will be. And when it does happen, the probability hits 100%. Just ask those folks in Orlando…or at the Istanbul airport.

In the last several years it seems like the world has become a more dangerous place.

  • So…what are you doing to prepare yourself for surviving such an event?
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Are you going to try to escape or are you going to attempt to deal with the shooter/terrorist?
  • Are your shooting skills adequate to hit a person size target at a distance while you are under a great deal of stress?

Some things to think about…

The Messy Reality of Self Defense

Some thoughts on the reality of self-defense from a blog written by Rob Morse.

“We are most likely to be attacked when we are away from home.  That means the arsenal in our gun safe is useless most of the time.  Think about that for a minute.  What we have on our body right now is what we will use to win or lose a self-defense encounter.  It is unlikely that we will have time to go to our car or safe room and get our gun, cell phone, flashlight, and trauma kit.  That is why criminals attack people who are, for example, on jogging trails.

Our options are limited.  Sometimes you can run away and escape.  Sometimes you can’t.  You will have to stand and fight if you are with your spouse, your children or your friends because you won’t leave them behind to face the attackers alone.  That leave us to defend ourselves from the threat, summon help, and provide aid to the injured.. with what we have in our pockets and, in our minds.  The thing we need most of all is a plan, and training lets us make good choices on the spot.”

It is worth reading the entire article at

The New National Sport

Lots of food for thought in this statement from John Conner in the March/April 2016 issue of American Handgunner (all you have to do is read the news to realize it is a dangerous world out there…and getting more so)…’Please, never step out your door, no matter where you live – not to the backyard, the barn, the mailbox or your Maserati – without a gun, a light, a knife and an attitude. Never drive without considering dangers greater that the usual morons, drunks, dopers and texters. Returning home, remember, evil may await. The new national sport seems to be The Anger Games. You may not want to play, but you might have no choice. And I want you to WIN.’

What’s Your Role?

What is your role? If you are in a public place and suddenly find yourself in an active shooter or terrorist attack situation (think recent attacks in San Bernardino and Colorado Springs) what is your role? If escape is impossible, do you go after the threat(s)? Do you shelter in place? Do you provide life-saving first aid to the injured while law enforcement deals with the threat? What is your role?

Even though much of our training is firearms oriented, you may not be in a position to use your firearm (or for some reason you may not even have it with you). The threat may be in another room or on the other side of the building. Others may be dealing with the threat. What is your role?

Every situation will be different and circumstances will likely dictate to a large extent what your role will be. So…some things to think about…What other training have you had besides your basic concealed carry class? Are you trained to provide emergency first aid to severely bleeding people? How good a physical condition are you in? Are you physically able to help others escape or transport a wounded individual to a safer location?

What is your role? Something to think about…

Are You Prepared for a Criminal Attack?

You’ve taken your basic concealed carry class and learned a lot…but do you  really feel adequately prepared to deal with a criminal attack? The average self-defense scenario usually takes place at distances measured in feet, not yards, and is over very quickly. Can you effectively defend yourself at those distances…where you may possibly have to deal with the attackers weapon before you can draw your own? Your basic concealed carry class is Concealed Carry 101…it is only the beginning of your education in the field of personal defense. There is a lot more to learn and new skills you will need. You should consider getting additional training…it might save your life someday. Something to think about…

100% of Home Invasions Occur at Home

Do you carry at home? If you don’t, you should. I ran across an interesting photo on Facebook recently of a woman with a handgun saying this…‘I carry at home because 100% of home invasions occur at home.’ There is a lot of truth in that statement. Sure you carry when you are out and about, and you practice faithfully at the range, but what about at home? Have you thought about where a threat to you in your home would come from and how you would defend against it? Something to think about.

Don’t Miss Quotes for Thought

Here are a couple of quotes recently sent to me by a friend that you should give some thought to…

The right to keep and bear arms carries with it a responsibility – you must safeguard the welfare of others when handling a firearm. If you exercise the right, you must fulfill the responsibility.

And don’t forget:

  • It’s always better to avoid a gunfight than to win one
  • It’s always better to win one than to lose one
  • If innocent life doesn’t immediately depend on it, don’t shoot
  • And if it does, don’t miss

Be Armed All the Time

The shooting incident at the church in South Carolina on June 17 vividly illustrates the need for you to be armed. And be armed all the time. We tend to think of churches a safe havens, but in reality, in today’s world there is no safe place. If there had been one person in that service who was armed the situation would very likely turned out a lot differently. While our Active Shooter/Terrorist Response class was developed months prior to June 17, the occurrence of events like this reinforce the need for you to train so that you are able to respond effectively in a situation like that. You may well be the first responder in an active shooter or lone wolf terrorist attack!

Summer Awareness

Summer weather in New Mexico means you will probably be spending more time outdoors doing a variety of activities with your family and your friends. A lot of other people will be doing the same thing. It is a time when you need to increase your awareness of what is in your environment.

It is so easy to become distracted by our activities that we can forget about being aware of the people around us. You should always know who is close to you and what they are doing. How close is close? Think about how long it would take you to respond to a threat and then figure out how far someone can move during that time. You will be surprised how far a person can move in just the second or two it would take you to be able to react to a threat. If you only become aware of them when they begin their attack you may have trouble responding in time. If they start first, they can be on you before you can react if you are not aware of their presence.

Always know who is in your environment and have a plan to respond if necessary.