Attention: New Method for Refresher Class

This Interesting Thought is going to be a bit different but is important none the less. I recently attended a meeting in Albuquerque at the Concealed Carry Unit to provide input to a curriculum the unit is developing. One of the topics discussed was the required 2-year Refresher class.

Very soon the Concealed Carry Unit is going to start enforcing the guidelines for the Refresher. They indicated that they will be sending reminders (either by mail or email) that you need to do the Refresher. If you don’t do it within the 60-day time limit after the midpoint of your license, they will send you another notice that you have 30 days to do the Refresher or your concealed carry license will be suspended. If you fail to do the Refresher after this second notice your license will be revoked and you will have to start all over again with the initial 15-hour class.

Until then they will not renew your concealed carry license if you have not done your Refresher.

There are two ways you can do the Refresher. First (and this is the one I recommend because you are required to actually shoot and requalify) is to schedule a 2-hour Refresher class with a concealed carry instructor. Upon completion, the instructor will submit an after-action report and a copy of your training certificate to the Concealed Carry Unit and you will have met your obligation. Or you can go online to and do it online for free. You will have to read the material and send the certificate you print in after passing the test. While this is a good review, particularly of nonviolent dispute resolution, there is no shooting requirement.

It is up to you which option you choose for the Refresher, but you must do it. When you receive your initial or renewed concealed carry license, go to your calendar on your computer or phone and on that day 2 years (2.5 years for veterans with a 5-year license) make an entry to call your instructor and schedule the Refresher class. Or indicate that it’s time to do the online Refresher. Either way works, but you must do that Refresher.

And a final thought…the Concealed Carry Unit is doing you a favor by reminding you about the Refresher. They don’t have to. As they pointed out in the meeting, you don’t get a reminder from DMV to renew your driver’s license, do you? It’s your responsibility to meet the obligations that come with your concealed carry license.

If you would like to schedule your Refresher class please contact me at or (575) 430-3040.

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