Are you getting ready for what is coming?

Here is a guest editorial from Coralie Carrier, a concealed carry instructor in Las Cruces, that is a bit of a change of pace but something we need to take very seriously considering the times we are in (and November isn’t very far away).

As another summer winds down and another political season gears up I have a couple of thoughts for everyone.

Are you getting ready for what is coming? 

Elections in November and a long session in the State Legislature next year! I know, I know, it’s been too hot to even want to think about the next governor and other elected officials but remember the old saying … “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

NOW is the time to educate yourself about the platforms each candidate is standing on …particularly the 2nd Amendment plank.

There is some really scary stuff out there so please, please, take a few minutes one of these hot afternoons and get on your computer and find out for yourself just how scary some of these folks are. 

The Bloomberg group is expected to mount another campaign and pour money into the politician’s coffers to promote their agenda. 

NOW is the time to plan our strategies!  Since it’s too hot to go to the range, take a few minutes and scare yourself to death about the future if we don’t get pro-active!

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