April 2018

Interesting Thought… From the Facebook page of Melody Lauer, a firearms instructor in the mid west…she describes a potential conflict she was involved in at a gas station while traveling that was resolved peacefully. You can find the details on her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LimatunesRangeDiary/posts/10156117269657432) if you are interested. However, her last few sentences have a very important lesson for all of us…As armed citizens, we are responsible for our own emotional control that allows us to reign in aggression and anger, even when others can’t or won’t.

When you go armed, every fight–no matter how minor–is a potential gunfight. Do everything in your power to keep it from getting to that point.

Be nice.

Be nice… until it’s time not to be nice.

Definitely, something to think about and be very aware of when you are armed.

An Interesting (and Scary???) Encounter (Part 1)… One of my students had an interesting (intense is the way she described it) encounter recently. While hiking with her dog three javelinas charged from the sagebrush. Her dog came to her defense and intervened in the attack distracting the javelina. After the dog had been bitten by one of the javelinas, the dog retreated a short distance giving her an opportunity to fire her handgun killing one of the attacking javelinas. The other two javelinas ran away. She was not injured. The dog was not as fortunate but is recovering and doing well.

Part 2 (next month) will have more detail in her own words.

In the meantime, there are several lessons to be learned from this encounter. See Tip(s) below…

Tip(s) of the Month… Lessons from the encounter above. First, have a gun. Carry all the time. You never know what may happen or when you may need it… even hiking.

Second, any gun is better than no gun. She was carrying a .380. Not a particularly powerful round, but it did the job in this case.

And third, choose the proper ammunition. Don’t try to skimp by. Save your inexpensive ammo for the range. Your life may depend on QUALITY ammo. She had good self-defense ammunition in her .380 and it did the job.

Upcoming Classes and Events… 

  • April 7 & 8… Gun Show at Fairgrounds in Alamogordo
  • April 14 & 15… Concealed Carry Class in Alamogordo
  • Renewal and Refresher classes… Take a moment and check the dates on your license… NOW! It’s amazing how many people are late for their Refresher or Renewal classes. I am doing these on request. If you need your Renewal or Refresher let me know and we’ll schedule your class. I have been doing these classes individually or in small groups for some time now and people seem to like this way of doing the classes.

Interested in a Private Concealed Carry Class?… These are becoming very popular. Contact me if you are interested in a private concealed carry class for you and your family or a few friends or your business. Scheduling is very flexible and we can work out a time that is convenient for you.

Individual or Small Group Firearms Training… If you are interested in personalized firearms training tailored to your training needs or interests, or with a group of your friends, or for your business, contact me and I’d be happy to visit with you about meeting your training needs. Any of the classes we offer, from Individual Training Sessions, Concealed Carry, Defensive Handgun, Defensive Carbine and Shotgun classes, as well as Basic Firearms Training, can be done on a personal basis for individuals, businesses or small groups. Scheduling is very flexible.

Regular Monthly Announcements (Reminders)… (I know you get tired of reading this but you do need to be reminded occasionally)

  • You need to take a Refresher (re-qualification) course two years after you receive your New Mexico concealed handgun license and you need to take a Renewal class and apply to NMDPS for your concealed carry license to be renewed after four years. Take a look at your license periodically and make sure you take those classes. If you are in need of either the Refresher or Renewal classes, contact me and we can schedule your class.
  • To Learn Which Restaurants Sell Beer and Wine Only… You may carry your concealed handgun in a restaurant in New Mexico that is licensed to sell beer and wine only. This is known as a Restaurant License. Go to http://verification.rld.state.nm.us/Search.aspx?facility=Y  and do a search. You can enter the name of the restaurant and see what kind of license they have. And remember… you cannot consume alcohol while you are carrying your concealed handgun.

In Closing… The encounter described above has more lessons to be learned. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter.

Richard Barbaras

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