Always Be Thinking Ahead

In looking at recent shooting events that have made the national news, and setting aside the current knee-jerk gun control rhetoric, one thing seems pretty obvious. In any kind of active shooter event, you are basically on your own. Yes, law enforcement will respond, but that response generally takes time.

What are you going to do between the time the shooting starts and law enforcement gets there? Are you going to try to escape, try to hide, or are you going to fight back?

Each situation is different and circumstances will dictate to a certain extent your response, but you should always be thinking ahead, especially if you are in a place with lots of people.

Consider this:

  • What are you going to do when the shooting starts?
  • Where is the shooter? Can you escape?
  • What about others with you?
  • Should you (are you able to) provide first aid to any victims?

Something to think about.

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