About Riclin Firearms Training

Riclin Firearms Training, LLC provides high quality firearms training for the average citizen.  Whether you’re interested in basic training to start recreational shooting, want to learn the defensive use of a handgun, or simply want to improve gun handling skills, Riclin instructors are here to help.  Advanced training, including the New Mexico Concealed Carry Class and the Concealed Carry Renewal Class, is available.  Advanced Defensive Handgun, Women’s Shooting Classes and Night classes are also available.

In an effort to be more responsive to the firearms training needs of the community as well as current and potential students, Riclin Firearms Training encourages anyone interested in any of our classes to contact us so that we can schedule any of our classes to meet your particular firearms training needs.

For those who prefer a more private atmosphere, private instruction is available for individuals and small groups.

Group classes are generally taught at the Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range in La Luz, New Mexico.  One-on-one instruction is done at a mutually agreed upon place and schedule.  We are willing to travel to accommodate your needs.