A Story From A Lady Student

My mom and I were recently in Las Cruces at the Mesilla Valley Mall just last week. Not long ago a friend of mine had her car broken into in broad daylight near the Sears entrance of the same mall. I have always been very alert of my surroundings there anyway and most certainly at the mall because of what happened to my friend.  I did have the feeling of a potential problem situation. It was dark, we were carrying several shopping bags, and two women alone may look vulnerable to a would-be troublemaker.  Like I said, I am of the attitude that I simply REFUSE to be a victim, not without a fight anyway.  So before I even left the mall I had my .380 accessible and just upon leaving the building, I discreetly pulled it out and had it in my hand, just in case.  That is when I noticed a group of thugs, looking up to no good.  Like I said, there never was problem, but had there been, I would have been a little more prepared for having thought ahead and making myself ready. I like to think that our confidence showed itself in our body language. We made it to our vehicle with no problem, and only then did we each realize that the other had her gun in her hand, ready for anything that might occur.  This had not been something that we had discussed…we just both naturally made the choice to do it.


Many women are not aware of their surroundings enough, myself included. I see myself and my mom as well as pretty confident women. We have practiced and are comfortable with our guns and would not hesitate to use them if the situation called for it. I think that women need to make themselves comfortable and confident, otherwise it will all be for naught.

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