A Request from Tara Mica of the NRA-ILA

Dear Second Amendment Supporters:

NRA-ILA and NMSSA legislative alerts, as well as our work to get conservative online publications reporting on this issue, have helped get the word out about New Mexico Senate Bill 224 and how bad this legislation is. Please see links to the news stories below.

NM Storage Bill Could Make It A Crime To Teach Your Kid Gun Safety

New Mexico Democrat’s bill could criminalize parents teaching kids how to shoot, according to gun group ​

Parents Teaching Kids How To Shoot Could Be Criminal With New Mexico Dem’s Bill, Gun Group Warns

Please forward these articles to your contact lists. We could also use your help in submitting letters-to-the-editor to your local newspapers and relaying the information to pro-2A blogs in opposition to this bill. If you can do this on your own, great! If you want guidance or assistance with drafting and submitting something, please email me ASAP. And keep contacting your state lawmakers.


Tara Mica

NRA-ILA State Director

Cell 512-636-9314

I’ll be sending these updates out to you during the legislative session as I receive them from Tara Mica.

Richard Barbaras
(575) 430-3040

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