3 Lessons Worth Learning

One of my students had an interesting (intense is the way she described it) encounter recently. While hiking with her dog three javelinas charged from the sagebrush. Her dog came to her defense and intervened in the attack distracting the javelina. After the dog had been bitten by one of the javelinas, the dog retreated a short distance giving her an opportunity to fire her handgun killing one of the attacking javelinas. The other two javelinas ran away. She was not injured. The dog was not as fortunate but is recovering and doing well.

Lessons to Learn

  1. First, have a gun. Carry all the time. You never know what may happen or when you may need it… even hiking.
  2. Second, any gun is better than no gun. She was carrying a .380. Not a particularly powerful round, but it did the job in this case.
  3. And third, choose the proper ammunition. Don’t try to skimp by. Save your inexpensive ammo for the range. Your life may depend on QUALITY ammo. She had good self-defense ammunition in her .380 and it did the job.

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