11 Winning Tactics For Concealed Carry

A recent article from Tier Three Tactical provides a fascinating analysis of 30 surveillance tapes of actual self-defense situations. As a result, they have developed 11 tips everyone carrying a concealed weapon (and everyone else for that matter) should pay attention to. They are:
  • Carry a high capacity weapon, ideally 8 rounds or above.
  • Be able to access your gun with one hand.
  • Keep your head on a swivel, checking your 6, the most dangerous area.
  • Delay your draw.
  • Obscure your draw.
  • Do not engage immediately unless you must.
  • Practice pivoting and engaging threats
  • Practice gun grappling and one-handed engagement within 3 feet
  • Shoot from cover if available
  • Practice shooting and moving at man sized target at 3-5 yards
  • Validate all live training with force on force training

The full article (which is well worth reading and thinking about…and also watch the videos) can be found here: http://www.tierthreetactical.com/11-research-based-concealed-carry-tips/

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