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Riclin Firearms Training, LLC offers the finest firearms training in the Tularosa Basin and in southern New Mexico.

Whether you are interested in concealed carry training, defensive training or personal firearm training, Riclin Firearm Training has the perfect class and environment for your learning style.

  • Concealed Carry Training
    • New Mexico Concealed Carry Class
    • Concealed Carry Refresher
    • Concealed Carry Renewal Class

The New Mexico Concealed Carry Class meets the training requirements of the New Mexico Concealed Carry Act and enables you to apply for a New Mexico Concealed Carry Permit.

  • Defensive Training
    • Handgun
    • Carbine
    • Shotgun

The Advanced Defensive Firearms Classes build on your basic firearms skills and teaches you how to use them in a defensive role. Defensive shooting is much different than target or recreational shooting and your training must be different in order to maximize the defensive effectiveness of your particular firearms.

  • Personal Firearms Training (for Concealed Carry, Defensive or specific need classes)

Personal Firearms Training is unique to each individual (or small group). You can take any of our classes as a one-on-one class which will allow the instructor to devote all their time to working with you. In addition, Personal Firearms Training can be utilized to meet any specific firearms training need not offered in any of our regular classes.

Personal Firearm Training Specific Need Class Examples:

  • Disabled Individuals
  • Night Shooting
  • Women’s Shooting

Any Personal Firearm Training classes can be private, individual or group sessions scheduled at your convenience, on demand beyond our regularly scheduled classes.

In an effort to be more responsive to the firearms training needs of the community as well as current and potential students, Riclin Firearms Training encourages anyone interested in any of our classes to contact us so that we can schedule any of our classes to meet your particular firearms training needs.

For those who prefer a more private atmosphere, private individual or small group instruction is available.

Group classes are generally taught at the Sidney Paul Gordon Shooting Range in La Luz, New Mexico.  One-on-one instruction is done at a mutually agreed upon place and schedule.  We are willing to travel to accommodate your needs.

We can meet your firearms training needs.